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TVB’s Digital Modernization Journey

Television Bureau of Advertising
Business Analysis, Business Automation, CRM Integration, Custom Development, User Experience, Web Design

TVB is the go-to trade association for America’s broadcast television industry, delivering top-notch marketing solutions to advertisers and representing a diverse range of entities such as U.S. TV stations, advertising sales reps, syndicators, and international broadcasters alike. From on-air to online & mobile channels – they provide an extensive set of tools & resources in order to ensure their members can make the most out of local ad dollars while helping marketers get maximum value from those investments too.

The Problem

With a dated website design and an inefficient content management system, TVB sought out our assistance to revamp their technology stack. Additionally, they had the challenge of transitioning away from a custom membership management system that made it difficult for them to manage member data and scale with ease.

The Approach

At Sfera Interactive, we take an individualized approach to every project. Our process begins with a comprehensive discovery period where our team conducts in-depth interviews with stakeholders and evaluates their current situation to come up with a comprehensive project plan and solution. We continue to work with TVB by offering on-going maintenance services as well as aiding them in implementing new features that ensure the technology stack continues meeting their business requirements over time.

The Solution

Website Redesign and Replatforming:
We worked closely with the TVB team to completely revamp their website, implementing a modern CMS optimized for content creation and a responsive design that made accessing key information easier than ever. This re-platforming has empowered TVB’s team by giving them the ability to quickly introduce new types of content and stay ahead in a continuously changing market. 

Modern CRM To Manage Memberships:
We successfully migrated TVB to a modern and more integrated CRM that helps them manage all of their member records from a centralized solution. The CRM is tightly integrated with its new website in order to offer its members a personalized web experience. Additionally the CRM powers several newly introduced components on the website such as a member & industry directory and a streamlined event registration process.

Redesigned website to showcase its constantly changing content and ensure effortless management.

The form design was simplified to expedite user onboarding and reduce form abandonment rates.

Implemented centralized dashboards that provide insights to enable TVB to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

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